Training Practice

Doctors training to specialise as GPs

  • Dr Jafrin Matin
  • Dr Hamsa Othman

As a training practice we work with qualified doctors who wish to specialize in General Practice. The length of time they are with us depends on how far through their training they are but all of these registrars are supported by GP trainers within our practice. Whilst the registrars develop their consultation skills their appointments may be slightly longer and some consultations are videoed. You will always be asked if you are happy for the consultation to be videoed and it is not a problem if you would rather not.

Medical Students from the University of Buckingham

We also have medical students working with our GPs for 7 week blocks throughout the year. They are in the third year of studies and have already spent time in general practice and Milton Keynes Hospital. The appointments are 30 minutes long so the medical student can see patients to gather a history and complete a basic examination then the supervising GP will join the consultation to advise on the appropriate tests and treatment. You will always see a GP for at least 10 minutes of the consultation and the student will ask you if you mind the consultation being recorded.
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