Practice Ethos

Modern Medicine with a Traditional Core

The old general practice model has changed: nurses are playing an ever increasing role in the health service generally and this is certainly reflected in this practice. Some G.P.’s have themselves specialised, so patients may be referred to another G.P. expert in a particular area within the practices before needing to see a consultant. By offering this type of service we aim for the great majority of medical problems to be dealt with safely and quickly within the practice.

The Practice strives to be on a leading edge of modern primary care, making full uses of the latest technology and the constant organisational changes that have characterised the NHS over the last 15 years. It has also tried to keep, as much as possible, its traditional approach to general practice. We seek to maintain continuity of care, with on-going relationships and, as far as possible, easy accessibility between patients and clinical staff. We have a ‘usual doctor’ system for booking appointments, which we keep to as much as possible.