Patient Participation Group

Work with the surgery to assist and improve the healthcare in our community

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Your PPG

We want your PPG to be as diverse and representative as possible of patients in our two practices.

It aims to work collaboratively and positively with the practice to improve services and facilities for patients and to act as a sounding board for the practice on issues affecting patients. We want to build two way communication and co-operation between the practice and patients, other individuals and organisations in healthcare, and the wider community to the mutual benefit for all.

If you think you would like to act as a representative to support us and your community, you don’t need to give up a lot of time. We hope to make the bi monthly meetings accessible for all so a mix of online and face to face will be used.

You might like to become part of a core group of volunteers engaging the wider community.

Or why not join the wider steering group working with the core team to feedback issues from a group you could represent?

Email us here to register an interest and we will send you out more information


Read our July 2021 Newsletter.

PPG Meeting Minutes

Joining the PPG

All registered patients are welcome to join the PPG although, in the interests of effective decision making, attendance at meetings is limited to twelve. Our group meets approximately every quarter.